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Monitor your need for Antioxidants

There are many ways to test for free radical activity in the body. These include “dry blood” or oxidative tests, serum and urine tests. The key role in these tests is essentially to determine whether there are sufficient antioxidants in the body to counteract excessive free radical activity.

Serum or blood tests are usually invasive procedures and may also be expensive. It involves analyzing blood and dried blood. These tests determine if blood from an individual is affected by free radical activity. One example is to find out if blood allowed to dry was disconnected. Please see images below :

first image is an example of healthy dried blood
second image is an example of unhealthy dried blood where excessive free radical activity has taken place

The first image shows the healthy dried blood of an individual where there is no oxidative stress and the blood is well connected. It suggests that the individual has sufficient antioxidants to counteract oxidative stress. The second image shows the sample of dried blood where excessive free radical activity has occurred to cause disconnection. There were lots of "holes" or "pores" in the dried blood.

Urine tests on the other hand measure presence of MDA, which is a product of free radical activity. It is more accurate (50x) than blood tests the results are often a lot quicker. Usually it is cheaper, non-invasive and can be done at the person's leisure and in the comfort and privacy of his or her home.

Osumex's Free Radical Test is a simple, inexpensive, easy to use kit which provides result in minutes. The test can be done at the user's leisure at home. There is no need to send away or wait anxiously for the results to be returned.

The Free Radical Test kit consistis of:
  • container with 10ml mark for the urine sample for testing
  • 2 ampoules - containing an activator and an indicator liquid for measuring MDA levels
  • pipette - to transfer urine into the container for testing
  • cotton wool - protect the ampoules from breakage during shipment
  • a chart to compare result obtain from the test to determine free radical activity level

Looking for an effective antioxidant to control excessive free radicals?
Consider Osumex Flax Hulls which has a high ORAC** value of 19,600 and a powerful antioxidant. It is also a most nutritious fibre!

**ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods

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Osumex Free Radical Test kit - see sample kit below

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