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Sample of Test with High Metals Result

Below are images sent by a customer in British Columbia, Canada who tested first morning urine and took pictures of the change in the test results starting at a few minutes to the full 20 minutes. The results are very interesting in a situation where very strong mercury and other metals are shown:

Image 1

This picture was taken a mere few minutes after the urine was mixed with the green test solution. Immediately a strong grey colour was shown that suggested the presence of a few of the eight metals tested at a reasonable medium to high levels.

Image 2

This picture was taken 2 minutes after the first picture and already showing the colour changing. The metals with higher ion concentrations are beginning to cause the reagents to change to their colours. It is becoming the colours of lead, mercury, cobalt and cadmium - from brownish to orange/coral.

Image 3

This picture was taken after another few minutes after the 2nd picture. At this stage a distinct dirty brown and orangish colour can be clearly seen. So at this level we see stronger levels of lead than other metals.

Image 4

This picture was taken about 12 minutes after the first picture or about 15 mintues from the start of the test. From now until 20 minutes the best results will be seen of the metals with the strongest presence in the specimen solution tested. The colour shows clearly a strong reddish orange coral colour indicating high levels of mercury, cadmium and possibly cobalt.

Image 5

This picture was taken around 17 mintues after the start of the test and it is clearly showing a very strong orange colour. This means that it is high in mercury. This is interesting in that the presence of mercury in urine is often masked by the presence of the other metals but in this instance, the level of mercury is so high that it is clearly seen in the result! With this, the user was strongly recommended to investigate the result further with a mercury test kit. User did and confirmed the really high levels of mercury.

Image 6 & Image 7

These pictures were taken after 20 minutes from the start of the test and the results were beginning to deteriorate and losing the strong colours. In image 6, the first picture shown, the colour has faded a bit but entirely invalid. In image 7, the colour would have been a more yellowish orange if the metals were not present in such high concentrations.

Users of the General test are recommended to be observant of the initial colour changes and if strong results are seen, to follow through with the observation. Otherwise, noting the colour during the first few minutes and around the 20 minutes mark after the start of the test would suffice.

Images of the General Test Kit and its contents.

A strong colour is indicative of the presence of the metal indicated to at least 5 ppm
The colour results were validated by Kemetco Research Inc. based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - 2008

Osumex HM-Chelat is most effective in eliminating heavy metals contamination in the body

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